Introducing DRIVE

We’re positioning DRIVE as a global vendor of cloud services that unlock the benefits of blockchain for game changing use cases in finance and supply chain.


At DRIVE, we focus on evolution instead of revolution. All DRIVE products embrace workflow automation, lowering barriers to adoption for small business and enterprise.

We are a highly experienced team with more than a century of combined experience in finance, supply chain and big data. We also have a history of successful exits.

What problem does DRIVE solve?

DRIVE will launch six specific products that are designed to deliver the benefits of blockchain with minimal disruption to customers. These are:

DRIVE Markets

Algorithmic market making and trading of cryptocurrencies across 20 exchange venues.

Live (Internal):
DRIVE Verify

Consensus market prices for cryptocurrencies for risk management and product control functions including ETFs.

DRIVE Apollo

Set of simple APIs that let developers issue and manage digital assets including currencies, utilities and securities.


Cross border clearing and settlement that will use the SWIFT message network in conjunction with bridge currencies, leveraging existing connectivity between 11,000+ financial institutions.

DRIVE Slingshot

Real-time data exchange between supply chain and financial institutions for trade finance.

DRIVE Elevate

Merging crowd funding and exchange traded notes to unlock the bond market for small and medium size business and municipalities.

What makes DRIVE unique vs other solutions?

There is no question that blockchain brings value to significant use cases in finance and supply chain and the opportunities for solution providers are huge.

However, to gain adoption, solutions must be robust, easy to integrate and scalable.

At DRIVE, we solve problems from an ‘integration first’ perspective.

We build to improve the status quo and not introduce incompatible technology or processes. Unfortunately, many blockchain based products are struggling to gain adoption due to  a lack of experience or having ignored existing practises. We have worked in these industries and understand the need and target customers.

Who will benefit from our solutions?

Role of DRIVE Coin (DRI)

DRIVE Coin (DRI) is our native currency and is designed to be utilitarian vs a single use case. DRIVE Coin can be used for:

DRIVE Coin (DRI) is an ERC20 token that will be exchange, like for like when DRIVE Apollo is launched and DRIVE Coin (DRI) is migrated.

AI and machine learning at DRIVE

Because data interoperability and workflow automation is a priority at DRIVE, data mapping and transformation play an important role in products like DRIVE Apollo and DRIVE Slingshot.

In the case of DRIVE Slingshot which will be a freemium, SaaS based pricing model, Slingshot will be trained by freemium members who will undertake the work of data mapping and transformation. As Slingshot gets smarter, it is increasingly able to perform these tasks for paid members, creating a seamless flow of data between incompatible systems.

This approach is a cost effective approach to machine learning and derives value from freemium accounts.

Team Snapshot

Kate Hiscox, CEO

20+ years in supply chain and finance with previous exits. Featured in Inc. Magazine, Tech Crunch, Forbes and The Next Web.

Marco Sylvestre, CTO

20+ years experience in gaming, supply chain and finance. Certified scrum master and amateur
race car driver.

Jimena Aviles, COCO

10+ years in law, operations and compliance. Masters degree in law from the University of Melbourne.

Sanjeev Sarda,
Director of Quantitative Strategies

12+ years in trading and fund strategy for companies including RBS and Merrill Lynch. Specialist in
algorithmic trading.

Harry Pokrandt, Advisor

Veteran capital markets professional, entrepreneur and investor. Former CEO at HIVE, one of the world’s largest crypto mining operations.

David Dight, Advisor

Software architect with 25+ years experience in the finance sector. Extensive FIX protocol experience including the Fix8 framework.

Peter Smyrniotis, Advisor

Peter has extensive experience in corporate governance and fundraising (Seed-to-Series A/Listing). He’s currently a director & managing partner with Victory Square Technologies and also a director with Spark, CoPilot Advisor, S117, and Turnium.
These companies are growing between 2x-12x Year-over-Year (YoY).